BeerBrut Savage


Extra Dry Brut India Pale Ale

8 x 330ml Can Case


This experimental beer style, created by San Francisco’s Social Kitchen and Brewery in 2018 makes its appearance at Agar’s in collaboration with Goodwill Brewery as our 1st seasonal brew. Brut IPA’s are traditionally crisp, not extremely bitter but with high hop aroma.

The extra dry IPA Brut Savage surprised us with its wine like flavours and aroma. It has a gorgeous weighty mouthfeel reminiscent of champagne which will have you reaching for that second sip.

6% Alc/Vol 330ml | Bitterness 17 IBU’s | Colour 7.3 EBC

Suggested food pairing:

  • Any pasta or risotto, especially with cream or mushroom sauce, fish and seafood, especially lobster.
  • aged cheeses with nutty, salty tastes, such as Gouda or mature cheddar. Brie and Camembert.


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